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Welcome to New Testament Baptist Church in Safford, AZ



We are now live streaming our services.
Follow the Facebook link to join us.
Read the Gospel tract that brought Hudson Taylor to salvation! 
...and thank you for visiting our web site.  As the song goes we are an “old-fashioned, sin-hating, independent, fundamental, local, Bible, Baptist church!” At the same time it is important to remember that no church or denomination can get you to Heaven. 
It is our high honor to point you to the only One who can forgive your sin, change your life and give you real and lasting joy: our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
It is our desire that in this church people will find:
God centered, reverent services of worship where the Bible is believed, taught and preached
An atmosphere in which the Bible is communicated in such a way as to supply the answers to the deepest questions of the soul
A ministry which ever points to the all-suficiency of the crucified and risen Saviour, who desires to bring peace, comfort and assurance to every seeking and troubled soul
A deep and personal confrontation with God's Word such that you might be moved and motivated to consider the living God and your relationship to Him
Stability in the midst of a world that is very unstable.  Surely these are days when we need to know that which is right and real so that we might be able to stand upon the solid ground of God and His Word
A friendly congregation and those who truly desire God's very best for you and your entire family
It is our desire to be:
♦ A God-centered and thus Christ-centered church...
♦ A Bible preaching and thus Gospel preaching church...
♦ A Bible believing and thus Bible teaching church...
Plan to visit this Sunday!
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