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Some Great Web Sites!


God's Simple Plan of Salvation - written in over 25 languages


Listen to the Plan of Salvation - spoken in your native tongue


Law & Grace - training chaplains to work in law enforcement and the criminal justice system


Worldwide Military Baptist Missions - specialists in getting the Gospel to our men and women in uniform


Beautiful Christian Music - old fashioned and conservative


Unshackled! - how great sinners came to a greater God


Spurgeon's Morning Devotions - start your day right


Spurgeon's Evening Devotions - end your day right


Church Locator - a good resource, but ask questions


SwordSearcher - software for IFB Bible study, the best!


IFB Web - an Independent Fundamental Baptist portal


Ministry 127 - encouraging, equipping, and engaging ideas from local church leaders


Free Book Search - old books and commentaries that are no longer copyrighted (+75 years) and many are out of by book, chapter and verse you are currently studying...!