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QUESTION: Should a Christian work on Sundays?



ANSWER:  The Old Testament Sabbath obligation has been declared obsolete in the New Testament (Colossians 2:16-17; Matthew 12:12).  We meet on Sunday, voluntarily, as a weekly celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  It became the Christian “Lord’s Day” within which to do God’s will and work, not the Jewish Sabbath of strict legalistic observance. Christ’s disciples met after his resurrection on the first day of the week: John 20:1,19-26; Matt 28:1; Mark 16:1; Luke 24:1; 1 Cor 16:2; Acts 20:7; Rev 1:10.

Why is Sunday called the Lord’s Day in  Rev. 1:10?  Christ arose on Sunday ( Mark 16:9;  Luke 24:13 15;  John 20:19).  Paul preached on Sunday, the first day of the week ( Acts 20:7).  The early church worshipped on Sunday ( Acts 20:7;  1 Cor. 16:1-2). We know that Scripture is speaking of Sunday because it was the day right after the Sabbath ( Matthew 28:1;  Mark 16:1-2).

Now, should a Christian work on Sundays?  I know many Christians who work harder on Sundays than any day of the week.  They are involved in bus routes, Sunday Schools, church services, ministries, choirs, orchestras, children’s programs and many other activities that bring high honor and glory to the God of Heaven.  I highly discourage anyone from working a secular job in order to reap financial profit on a Sunday, if that is possible.  I was in the military for twenty years and as you can imagine I was required to work on as many Sundays as not.  The local police, emergency services, corrections officers, and other “essential personnel” need to maintain a presence 24/7.

Many members of our church took jobs only after a guarantee that they would not be required to work on Sundays based on religious convictions.  I believe that God honors that mentality.  If a man works on Sunday only for the extra buck an hour, and not because he is required to, I believe he has sold out to the lust of the world.

Should a Christian work on Sunday? D.L. Moody (d. 1899) said it was a sin to read a newspaper or ride a bike on the Lord’s Day (and much of America agreed!).  Should a Christian work on Sunday? Go to the internet and look up “blue laws.”  Should a Christian work on Sundays? That we even ask the question is a sad commentary on America’s spiritual decline.  Nobody use to work on Sunday!  Should a Christian work on Sunday? “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set” (Prov 22:28).  Christian businessman, is your God too small to make up Monday through Saturday the money you lose by not working on Sundays?  Factory worker, you won’t be able to tell God that you “had” to work on Sundays.  He will tell you that He would have provided your every need – including another job if need be.  Oh ye of little faith.

Not going to work on Sundays is just the start.  Going to a good Bible preaching church is full obedience.  Sunday is not the only day you have to get things done.  Sunday is the only day you don’t have – it belongs to God.