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“Some Golden Daybreak”
By Carl Blackmore (d.1965)
Carl Blackmore passed away in December of 1965 in St. Petersburg, FL.  At the time he was connected with the St. Petersburg School of Music.  The following is the story behind the hymn, “Some Golden Daybreak,” just as his wife related it to Lindsay Terry in a letter.
While preaching over the radio on the subject of the rapture – the glorious hope of Christians – the Rev. C.A. Blackmore was outlining some of the wonderful things that will happen to Christians.  Their deformities and pains will vanish as they leave this old body of clay and instantaneously take on a glorified spiritual body.
A lady who had been bedridden for twenty-three years heard the message.  It seemed too good to be true.  She wrote to Rev. Blcakmore, inquiring, “Will I really be well?  Will all pain and sorrow actually be gone?”
Rev Blackmore replied, “Yes, my friend, some glorious day when Jesus comes, you will leap from that bed with all the vigor of youth and never again know pain.  Little cripples will be made perfect; there will be no more crying, no more heartaches; all will be peace.”
His son Carl, who had already become widely known for his musical achievements, was greatly impressed with the reality of the event; and as he pondered the glorious prospects, the words and melody of the chorus took form in his mind.  Simultaneously a melody for some verses was inspired, and so he said to his father: “Dad, you should write some verses for this chorus.”  They agreed to ask the Lord to give the inspiration and guidance.
After much prayer and meditation, early one morning, unable to sleep as he anticipated the thrill of the rapture, Rev. Blackmore got up and wrote the verses as they are today.
As the song has become more and more well known, it has grown in popularity until today it is used by all the leading publishers of gospel songs in America and abroad.