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“Trusting Jesus”
by Edgar Page Stites, 1836-1921
“Simply trusting every day” along a “stormy way,” “in danger” when “the path is drear” “if the way is clear” – what valuable lessons for each of us to learn.  We are so very prone to look around in life for solutions to our problems, to look ahead to see how problems will resolve themselves or where our path will lead.  We waste much time and energy in worrying instead of simply trusting, delighting and committing our ways unto the Lord.  And in reality, that’s how to find strength and wisdom to face our problems and responsibilities for tomorrow and all the days ahead. 
Edgar Stites, an obscure but active lay-worker in his church, had learned that lesson.  He discovered that “while He leads I cannot fall.”  God’s way in our lives is always far superior to the path we might have chosen.
The writer of “Trusting Jesus” was a faithful member of his church in Cape May, New Jersey.  After serving in the Civil War, he worked as a riverboat pilot and later as a home missionary in the Dakotas.  He wrote several other hymns, including the popular “Beulah Land.”
Mr. Stites’ poem first appeared in a newspaper in 1876.  It was then given to evangelist D.L. Moody, who in turn asked his associate and music director, Ira Sankey, to compose a suitable tune for the words.  The hymn was widely used in the Moody-Sankey evangelistic services and through the years Christians have responded to the implicit, child-like faith expressed so well in this simple but inspiring hymn.  Many have learned the chorus by heart and sing frequently as it comes to mind: “Trusting as the moments fly, Trusting as the days go by; Trusting Him what-e’er be-fall, Trusting Jesus, that is all.”