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 “My Jesus, I Love Thee”

by William R. Featherston, 1846-1873


The spiritual depth of “My Jesus, I Love Thee” is made all the more remarkable by the knowledge that it was written by a teenager.  William Rolf Featherston of Montreal, Canada, is thought to have written these lines of heartfelt gratitude to Christ at the time of his conversion experience when only 16 years of age.  It is believed he then sent a copy of his poem to an Aunt living in Los Angeles, CA, and that she encouraged him to have it published.  It is reported that his descendants still treasure the original manuscript of the hymn.


The text first appeared in print anonymously in an English hymnal, The London Book, in 1864.  Several years later, a well-known American Baptist pastor, Dr. A.J. Gordon, heard the hymn and decided to compose a different melody for it. With its new tune the hymn has since been included in nearly every evangelical hymnal published and has been sung frequently by believers everywhere during hushed moments of rededication to God.


Not a lot is known of Featherston.  His family was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Montreal.  Other than the fact that he died in his late twenties, the circumstances of his death remain unknown.  The Author of the revised melody, Adoniram Judson Gordon, was born in New Hampton, New Hampshire, on April 19, 1836.  He was named for the famed pioneer Baptist missionary to India-Burma. Six years after he graduated from Newton Theological Seminary, Gordon would be called to pastor the prestigious Clarendon Street Baptist Church of Boston. He became a close friend of Dwight L. Moody and was of great assistance in Moody's evangelistic efforts in Boston.


How marvelous are the workings of God in bringing together expressions such as these, providing a hymn that has been used in a remarkable way for more than a century to direct Christians to a deeper relationship with their Lord.  May the words of this song cause each of us even now to renew our devotion to God so that this love for Christ may be reflected in all of the activities of this day.