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 Sweeter as the Years Go By

By Lelia N. Morris, 1862-1929


For the believer, growing older should mean a greater awareness of God’s love and fellowship as well as a time of greater usefulness in Christian service.  The golden years can and should be the most fruitful time of life.  A lifetime of companionship with God should result in a mellow and gracious Christ-like spirit.  Because there are fewer demands and pressures for life’s necessities, the older Christian should have opportunities for effective ministry that he never before attempted.


There is nothing more tragic, however, than to see a professing Christian become disgruntled and self-centered in later years.  It is true that we simply bring into full bloom the traits that were sown in our early years.  If we wish to have positive and productive attitudes in our senior years, we must begin to develop these traits while we are still young.


Author and composer Mrs. Lelia Morris was an active worker in her church.  She continued to write gospel songs during the last fifteen years of her life, even after going blind in her early fifties.  “Sweeter as the Years Go By” was written during the early years of her blindness.  It is said that during this difficult time in her life, Mrs. Morris used a 28-fool long blackboard with music lines on it to help her hymn writing.  In all, Lelia wrote more than 1,000 hymn texts, as well as many of the tunes.  Her handicap never deterred her from being effective and productive for God.  Even in blindness she found her Lord “sweeter as the years went by.”