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Trust and Obey

By John H. Sammis, 1846-1919


Life can often be a restless, disruptive existence until we give ourselves wholeheartedly to something beyond ourselves and follow and obey it supremely.  Such implicit trust in God’s great love and wisdom with a sincere desire to follow His leading should be every Christian’s goal.  Our willingness to trust and obey is always the first step toward God’s blessing in our lives. 


1n 1886 Daniel B. Towner, director of the music department at Moody Bible Institute, was leading the music for evangelist D. L. Moody’s series of meetings in Brockton, Massachusetts.  A young man rose to give a testimony, saying, “I am not quite sure – but I’m going to trust and I’m going to obey.”  Mr Towner jotted down this statement and sent it to the Rev. J. H. Sammis, a Presbyterian minister and later a teacher at Moody, who wrote the present five stanzas.


Salvation is God’s responsibility.  Our responsibility is to trust in that salvation and then to obey its truths.  “Trust and Obey” presents a balanced view of a believer’s trust in Christ’s redemptive work, and it speaks of the resulting desire to obey Him and do His will in our daily lives.  Then, and only then, do we experience real peace and joy.