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The Faith Promise Missions Plan


A "Faith Promise" is usually made during a missions conference, missions month, or a special missions emphasis Sunday. The Faith Promise commitment cards are given to every person who regularly attends the church (to include all Sunday School classes) with the hope that they have been asking God for the amount that He would have them give toward world missions each week during the coming year. It is important to understand that Faith Promise is a world missions offering that is to be given by faith. It is not based on what you have to give now or might have to give in the future.  Names are not asked for on the cards as a Faith Promise is not a pledge.

  • This offering is based upon faith in the "Lord of the harvest" - Jesus Christ. Every person should ask Him to increase their faith as they make this commitment.

  • Second, it is a world mission offering that is made as a promise to God. No one will ask for it. This promise is a personal mission goal that God has led you to set.

  • Third, it is a world mission offering that is given in addition to regular tithes and offerings. A tithe is understood as one-tenth of your income. This belongs to God and is placed in your local church.

  • Fourth, it is a world mission offering that enables every member and friend of the church to have a meaningful financial part in fulfilling the Great Commission.  What a great opportunity and privilege!

  • Fifth, it is a world mission offering that is given to others. It is an ~others offering" that is given to those outside the local ministry of the church. Christianity in its truest Biblical form is always others.

Is Faith-Promise Mission Giving Scriptural?

The New Testament is filled with "polity examples" which are binding on our local churches today. There are five of these "How Are We Te Do It" examples that are relative to Faith Premise Mission giving:

  1. Acts 11:29-30 - This passage tells the story of each person in the church at Antioch participating in a cross-cultural offering. This predominantly Gentile church gave to Jewish churches in Judea.
  2. 1 Corinthians 16:1-2 - This passage is an admonishment for each person in the church at Corinth to give to missions each Sunday.
  3. 2 Corinthians 8:1-5 - This passage depicts several churches in the province of Macedonia giving beyond their financial ability by faith to missionaries, Paul and Silas.
  4. 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 - This passage defines mission giving for each believer within their local church. They are to give to world missions as God impresses their hearts.
  5. 3 John - This passage gives the account of a layman (Gaius) giving by faith repeatedly to Missionary-Evangelists and Church-Planters.

What Will Be The Effect Of Faith-Promise Giving?

Faith Promise Missions Giving enriches the life of the giver. It stretches their lives past former boundaries. The excitement of having God supply the amount that He placed on their heart is a great spiritual adventure. It also provides a time of spiritual growth and development into a "World Vision."

Faith Promise Missions Giving not only increases our financial involvement in world missions, but also increases our personal involvement. We will be more willing to pray for missionaries and join others in mission prayer groups. Other opportunities to participate in cross-cultural ministries in our own community will become available. God will lead us into innovative ways of expressing Christ's love for missionaries and those to whom they minister.

Faith Promise Missions Giving will develop the local church into a "servant church" rather than a "selfish church." It will also provide a helpful spiritual environment for the Holy Spirit to call many Christians into the needy fields of world evangelism.

In Summary

**Believe God for the Amount**

**Belieive God to Supply the Funds**

**Believe God to Impact the World**