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QUESTION: Is sexuality a choice?


ANSWER:  The Mormon church has recently addressed this issue and apparently that is the reason for the many questions I have had on the subject.


The Bible addresses homosexuality very clearly and straightforward: it is sin (Romans 1:24-32).  In fact, it could easily be argued that it is an extreme end result of many sinful decisions away from God at either the personal or societal level.  What is certain is that, like any sin, it must be judged as sin by a holy God.  Now, the question remains, can man help it?  Is he personally responsible for his feelings, whether they be latent, passive or active?  And the answer must be absolutely yes!  It would be unjust to condemn a man for something that wasn’t his fault and even more evil if the one demanding death as payment for his actions was actually responsible by forcing those actions to begin with.


A man could no more argue that God made him a homosexual (and thus it is God’s fault) than a thief could blame society had made him a criminal because it provided no other option.  God gave us food, drink, friends, marriage and intimacy.  It is man who has turned those gifts into obesity, drunkenness, enemies, divorce and homosexuality.


If God judged a man for something God made him to be in the first place, wouldn’t that be the height of hypocrisy and, in fact, a twisted or perverted mind?  Everyone wants to blame somebody else for their ‘issues’ (sin): mom, dad, circumstances, society, government, etc.  Adam blamed Eve.  Eve blamed the snake.  Well God blames you and me!


I for one am tired of God getting blamed for sending people to Hell.  Hell was created for the devil and his angels, not for man (Matt 25:41).  God made it possible for any and every man to avoid going there by sending His Only Begotten Son to the cross to die for our sin (yours and mine).  God literally took the sins of drunkenness, adultery, hatred, selfishness, pride, and yes even homosexuality upon Himself.  He who had no sin of His own became those sins for us! (2 Cor 5:21)


God’s holiness demands a balance between love and judgment.  God’s love wants you in Heaven.  God’s judgment requires that sin be atoned for.  These two extremes meet at the cross (Psalm 85:10).  God can require that we believe on His Son because that is His plan.  We can’t control death or anything that happens beyond the grave (Ecclesiastes 8:8).  So what are you and I going to do?  Believe God and His Word or our own concoctions? 


Science mocks the idea that a flood ever covered the earth, even though roughly 70% of the earth’s surface is water.  These same men have spent billions of dollars to prove that Mars was once covered in water and without even a single drop of evidence go on perpetuating their theories by faith!  And yet the Christian is a fool for having faith in the Bible that many claim was just written by man.  Well, scientific theory has been written by man too.  So, believing science is putting faith in man as well.  As for me, I’ll take God’s Word for it.  Besides, If God can’t keep His Words pure and unadulterated for a couple of thousand years on earth, He couldn’t keep my soul preserved in heaven for all eternity anyway.


If the Bible and Christianity are wrong we have nothing to lose.  But if the atheist or agnostic is wrong, they will lose their soul for all eternity.  Dear friend, believe God.  You can’t sin more than God can forgive.  He wants us in Heaven more than even we want to be there…